Nuestros compañeros de la EITE, nos pasan esta oferta de trabajo que les piden difusión para el puesto de Network Planner Fiber Optics, por si les es de interés.

Funciones a desempeñar:

  • Strategic planning and conception of FTTX networks up to implementation maturity.
  • Planning of the usage of network components and elaboration of the related cost
  • Drafting of bills-of-quantities.
  • Documentation of the entire planning process.
  • Support of the sales, consulting and project management teams.
  • Supervision of the technical implementation and supervision of the work progress
    throughout the construction phase.
  • Calculation of investment costs for fiber optic infrastructure projects.
  • Participation in the creation of order and tender documents.
  • Communication with authorities and public bodies


Se requiere:

  • Experience in the use of geographic information system software, preferably with the
    Q-GIS software.
  • Experience in the planning and implementation of FTTC/B/H/X/ infrastructure projects.
  • Practical experience in the elaboration of the technical documentation of fiber optics
  • Independent, self-motivated, responsible, result- and quality-oriented efficient way of
  • Strong communication capabilities, initiative, the ability to work in a team and the focus
    to continuously learn & improve.
  • Mid-level English spoken and written.


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